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Book Imprinting: First Experience

Talking about typography, leading and kerning got me to thinking back to my first job at Mardel Christian Bookstore. Man... come to think of it minimum wage back then was $5.25 when I started and I was making $5.25 and the guy that was hired right when I started was getting $6.50... rude... I'll stop there before I go into gender discrimination in the work place.

ANYWAYS, at Mardel they sold Bibles, anywhere from leather bound to paperback. What was awesome was they had an imprinting station at the customer service desk I worked at and people could get free imprinting when they bought a bible there. I only got to work on a few Bibles because I wasn't quite trusted with the machinery, not only that but it took a lot of practice.

It was much like a printing press where you chose your metal letters, arranged them, heated up the pressing machine and went at your work. I really wish I had more time with that machine and mastered it, but unfornately I had to leave that job early because school work got so busy. Nonetheless it was my first experience working with a imprinting machine!

photo source: Steph Guiney

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