Mental health that's accessible & customizable to the user's needs.

While enrolled in Career Foundry's UX Intro to Design course, our task was to concept and create a health and wellness app that allows health-conscious individuals log in to a responsive health and wellbeing portable to record their mental state, health conditions and customize how often they wish to meditate. Not only this, but options to further their well being by setting up times with a local therapist. 


I started off my project determining what kind of user research I wanted to conduct, and ended up choosing user interviews. I thought going into this that the attitudinal behaviors I'd get from interviews would help me understand from an emotional standpoint why people were using meditation apps and what kept them coming back. After that, I conducted affinity mapping exercises as well to determine common themes. 


Taking the insights from the research and interviews done above, I came up with four diverse user personas inclusive of those with disabilities, BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and ranging ages. This, in turn, would allow others on the project to be sure to design for multiple personas in mind. 


Using, I created user flows for some of my user personas starting with their onboarding process, previewing their first meditation in the app, and how to change their intention or goal. "Happy paths" and "success points" were also notated. 


Though primarily a mobile app project, that did not mean to discount tablet or desktop devices. Understanding this, I laid out a mobile design plan with notes on what features and content were needed and what personas were most applicable to that feature. 

2.9_Portfolio Review_MDao.012.jpeg

...this project isn't quite done yet. More to come!