Hey y’all and welcome! My experience spans in agencies and small businesses where I've worked with clients in industries ranging from healthcare to beauty and designed for local magazines and wedding entrepreneurs. 


By day, I work as a Client Strategy Supervisor, ensuring that our projects and tasks are aligned with our clients' goals and objectives. Leading an advanced team of media experts, we determine strategies, create plans and divide and conquer to execute work to meet our clients needs.


By night, I work on designing for small and local businesses and am currently completing a UX Design Course with CareerFoundry; ultimately satisfying the left side of my brain with more creative problem solving.


My hopes are to use the skills I’ve gained over the last 8+ years of market research, team building, emotional intelligence, pagination design and vectoring to fuel a larger career in UX / UI design.


I appreciate you taking the time to look through my site, which only houses a bit of my work. If interested, I’d love to take you through my thought process over the phone or in person!

Don't be shy! Hit me up!