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Finding my voice and creating a personal brand.

The purpose of this personal branding project was to redesign the presentation of myself on professional platforms: my portfolio, a business card and resume. Through the years I’ve created a logo for myself, but never felt it truly resonated with me or resembled my work. So, this project was the perfect opportunity to reinvent my brand and my identity.

Personal Branding_Madeleine.Dao_8.jpg
Personal Branding_Madeleine.Dao_FINAL.jpg
Personal Branding_Madeleine.Dao_2.jpg
Personal Branding_Madeleine.Dao_3.jpg
Personal Branding_Madeleine.Dao_4.jpg
Personal Branding_Madeleine.Dao_5.jpg
Personal Branding_Madeleine.Dao_6.jpg
Personal Branding_Madeleine.Dao_7.jpg
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