My whole undergraduate college career is about to end in seven days and a few weeks ago I got the news that I won a Merit award from One Show Young Ones. I got the email and honestly thought it was a joke. When I turned in this design it was so last minute... expedited to NYC and I still felt like it lacked something.



When I was designing the brand identity for Organic by John Patrick I just wanted to keep it simple. I went with what I was used to: one serif and one san serif, simple colors that emulated the organic clothing, and something that would tell the story of John Patrick and his sustainability efforts. 



I guess the judges and whomever on that panel liked it and I am so excited to accept this merit award. It gives me a boost in confidence that designing is somewhere that I can be and not to give up on the dream! 




  • Didot Italic

  • Avenir

Just browsing through I found this great article about creative director, Stefania Malmsten. She is currently the new director of Swedish fashion and culture magazine Rodeo. I love how she describes her job description, and as a designer who loves all things... type, magazines, and graphic designing it's hard for me to choose between what I really want to do. Am I a designer or am I cut out to be an art director? I think that's why I like magazines so much because they involve just enough designing and just enough conceptual work. 



“I’m very passionate about photography and I’m very passionate about typography. I never wanted to choose between being a graphic designer and an art director and that’s why I love working with magazines and titles for film. Working with Göran on this project has been very luxurious, creating almost like a main character for the magazine.”


photo source: I Love Typography

Just browsin' through some sites and I stumbled upon this video about a sign painter named Mike Langley. I've always admired sign painters and so many people think it's something lost, but I've walked into so many restaurants, coffee shops and see that this craft is still valued. Even Whole Foods has listings for sign painters! Here are some quotes I found really inspiring from Mike:




"I'm a nostagic... I don't really love new... I like old..."


"No 'S' is going to be the same... No 'O' is going to be the same."


"Human quality is what attracts me to it."




Stumbled upon this on Designer Audra Hubbell project large letters on buildings in Chicago for her 'Letters at Large' project. It explore typography in urban settings. 


Most of the projections used works or phrases, but as you can see she also did individual letters matched with backgrounds that would accentuate that letter and highlight the architecture at the same time.



I love her use of lighting and switching between serif and san serif. Lovely combinations! 


photo source:

I made a post about letterpressing lessons, so a post about nearby calligraphy lessons is needed, too! Maybe... just maybe I'll make enough money to get into one of these classes right? Poor college student problems... 





Dallas/Fort Worth


photo source: Blue Eye Brown Eye

I love seeing what's new with Communication Arts. if you aren't familiar with it I would suggest getting a subscription with them! They cover everything from illustrations, daily webpicks (great web designs), contests and job listings. Lots of inspiration from this magazine!



This week I noticed they were exhibiting the Meritage typeface by Stephen Migga. What I really love about this font is it isn't just a simple calligraphy type but he managed to capture that stray brush hair effect in there. I love those little details! 



photo source: Communication Arts

Yet another week, and some more filtering through typography! Check out my finds today! 



1. From Up North

2. Pinterest

3. Design Milk

4. Mr M R Frame

This just in! Communication Arts posted a great article on Whole Foods changing up their signage and packaging design specifically to cater to the Brooklyn neighborhood. I love seeing these little changes just to cater to different audiences.



New York design firm, Mucca, worked with Whole Foods to make this new design language instead of the usual organic tone. What I love is the play with typography; very straight fonts, bold but not too overwhelming and some feet. It's noted in the article that the design had to be easy to transition depending on the packaging! Too cool! 



photo source: Communication Arts

Currently working on rebranding my portfolio! Here's a little snippet of my journal and the struggle of figuring out a new logo... M's and D's aren't exactly my favorite letters in the alphabet, and coincidently they are my initials. The whole M.D. combination seems doctoral. I'll figure something out right? 

You know how I said that I was a HUGE Pinterest fan! Well, things can get kind of dormant looking at Pinterest and only Pinterest. I know it's my go-to, but I've been realizing that I need some new websites to go to for inspiration. I stumbled upon Design Milk. This website covers everything, much like Communication Arts. It covers architecture, furniture design, art and design and so much more!

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