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Drawing Line | Stefania Malmsten

Just browsing through I found this great article about creative director, Stefania Malmsten. She is currently the new director of Swedish fashion and culture magazine Rodeo. I love how she describes her job description, and as a designer who loves all things... type, magazines, and graphic designing it's hard for me to choose between what I really want to do. Am I a designer or am I cut out to be an art director? I think that's why I like magazines so much because they involve just enough designing and just enough conceptual work.

“I’m very passionate about photography and I’m very passionate about typography. I never wanted to choose between being a graphic designer and an art director and that’s why I love working with magazines and titles for film. Working with Göran on this project has been very luxurious, creating almost like a main character for the magazine.”

photo source: I Love Typography

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