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Calligraphy in "The Book of Kells"

During my time as an Art History major, we had the opportunity to visit the Harry Ransom Center and view real pages and copies of "The Book of Kells." These pages were so intricate! I was shocked that a human hand took the time to put every detail of gold, silver, a cross or cherub head within a standing letter.

The Book of Kells was constructed around the year 750 by Irish monks laboring on a small island off Scotland. It was a codex, which is a step up from a scroll and close to a bound book. These monks labored over each page to preserve the biblical texts that Europe was about to experience and read.

When you view The Book of Kells you can tell that every detail was for the love of God. To this day, the gold leafing, and prominent red and green color are still intact.

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