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Pens on Pens on Pens...

Every designer/artist needs skill and talent, but they also need tools. We all have been there... who else hated RoseArt crayons when they were six and only swore by Crayola? Well, if you are that person then I'm sure you have a preference for the best pens, too!

Out of all the pens I've tried, here are my favorite 3:


If you are just someone who likes to write to-do lists, doesn't want to spend $5 on one pen (nonetheless $18 on a pack of five), or doesn't mind losing one once in a while... then Sharpie Pens are your best friend. I've used these ever since their campaign with David Beckham's handwriting came out. You know the one where he writes all sexy and says "It doesn't bleed?" Ooooo... those are some sexy words! Who doesn't want a felt-tip pen that doesn't bleed!? They knew everyone was using their fine-tip sharpies to draw with... and those bled like crazy! So, ta-da! A nice, affordable pen!


Micron, micron, micron! These have got to be the best pens out there. They are strong and sturdy on the tip and come in 6 different sizes from a 005 to an 08. I have to say these are my favorite and they never let me down when I want different dimensions and depth. I only wish they weren't so expensive...


Staedtler pens come in the most colors. If you're looking to draw and color at the same time then these are your go-to's. I'm more of a black and white person, but these are always fun!

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