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One of my recent designs for the Campus Environmental Center (CEC) was for Green Greeks. This segment of the CEC focuses on involving the Greek community on campus in more sustainable efforts. They came to me wanting to design a logo for their newest initiative for the sororities: "How Low Can You Go?" This initiative encouraged the sororities to participate in a competition on who can limit their water usage in the houses. How could I appeal to a set of highly social ladies and make sure it was short and to the point?

I started looking at illustrations of water droplets. I filtered through Pinterest and Dribble and found this one striking photo of a water droplet man drawn probably in the 1970's. He was cute, super simple and reminded me of the easy School House Rock days.

So I needed a great font to go with that. I didn't want anything too straight. No... nothing with feet, that's too traditional. The 70's were all about those bubbly, non-constraining fonts. Not only that, but water flows, it doesn't appear in constrained forms.

Searching through I found THE PERFECT font for this project: Old Guard. I have to say it's been my favorite font so far and I can't help but use it in other materials. I mean... disco music is making a resurgence and is popping up as inspiration in new music, too... maybe I'm just having a 70's moment in my life right now. I have been wearing my bell-bottoms a lot...

photo 1 source: Vimeo PSA

photo 2 source:

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